The project 30,50 deals with the redesign of a selection of 12 record covers. The original cover were selected randomly digging through a record rack in a secondhand store. Nine series were created, each using a specially developed visual system. The different developed designs were documented in a book in which each chapter is dedicated to one system.


Prof. Xuyen Dam

Original Covers

Resonance - sound waves of the music

Color - Color from the original

Font 4 - shape from the original

Font 3 - shape from the original

Font 2 - shape and color from the original

Font 1 - shape and color from the original



The next chapters derive the new design from the original lettering of the covers. In this chapter, if you look closely, you can see individual details of the letters. Only two colors were used for each cover, which were also derived from the original. In this chapter, the lettering of the originals was further abstracted and all details were removed. Only outlines are still visible. The colors were again derived from the original cover. 

Font 4.0

The forms become more abstract. Hardly recognizable, but still the basis for the visual language, is still the original lettering. Here you can see outlines which are staggered to create a rhythm. 


Detached from the writing, this chapter deals with the color combinations of the record covers. Edges of the record show discoloration on the exterior of older covers. The circles in the center represent this effect in abstract form in the following designs. 


What you see in these designs is simply music. The shapes are visually translated sound waves, created by colored water on a speaker.